Zitra Healthcare Partners helps leading healthcare companies to work on the full spectrum of strategy, operations, and control their future. Our cross-sector teams bring diverse and deep experience—and a collaborative spirit—to every engagement. We work alongside client teams at all levels of the organization to develop practical solutions that can deliver repeatable and sustainable results. Our global healthcare consulting practice enables us to support our clients in both developed and emerging markets

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Our core team of senior healthcare industry experts has experience in more than 1,500 projects. We work as an integrated part of your projects,  from frontline to C-suite, to deliver true results and make the changes last. In addition to the core team listed above, we have an extensive and diverse team of experts ready to serve the needs of clients worldwide. Please contact us to submit a business inquiry.


MICHAEL BIGGSSenior Managing Partner
One of the most brilliant health care finance and strategy minds in the US. Michael Biggs is an exemplary example of all management consultants who want to know what it means to be great in the industry. Mr. Biggs is well-respected in the industry because he delivers exceptional work, builds and leads elite delivery teams, maintains strong relationships with clients old and new, takes the time to mentor younger consultants, but most of all, he has a huge heart and is one of the most ethical consultants in the industry.
Tim Ogonoski
Tim OgonoskiSenior Managing Partner
He has more than 25 years of experience working with numerous large-scale hospitals, clinical practices, and academic medical centers to improve financial performance, improve operational performance, and enhance information technology use and support. Tim has significant experience leading expense improvement, revenue enhancement, clinical service line planning, compensation planning, physician productivity enhancement, and physician strategy engagements.
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