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Recognized as a top healthcare consulting firm, Zitra Healthcare partners with hospitals and health systems, physician, and financial institutions to help clients thrive. Zitra Healthcare Partners are experts in solving complex problems for healthcare professionals from concept through implementation delivering proven results. We bring the premium strategies, cross-sector experience, and best practices to solve healthcare professionals and organizations challenges, and the resources to help fix them.

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Hospitals & Health Systems

Solving Today’s Healthcare Challenges

We work with healthcare players to develop and execute growth strategies that will help them achieve full potential. We help our clients identify strategic options that strengthen their foundation, evaluate their options with discipline and rigor, and implement their chosen path.

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Physician Enterprise

Advanced Tools, Proven Methodologies

With a collaborative approach and proven methodologies, our team partners with physicians to identify the macro opportunities and the most precise details to help drive improvement to the bottom line. In short, for any business challenge that a physician encounters, we have expertise that can help.

Private-Equity | Global Consulting Services Firm

Financial Institutions

Capturing Returns in Healthcare

We work across fund types, including debt, infrastructure, real estate and hedge funds. We also work with many of the most prominent institutional investors and help them expand their participation in alternative assets through co-investment and direct investing opportunities.



Having worked with many leading healthcare organizations, we have the proven ability to identify and solve strategic, organizational and operational challenges so our clients can be market leaders and deliver exceptional patient care and experience. Our decades of combined industry experience ensure we can best guide clients to select the right strategic options. Ultimately our shared goal is to improve clinical, financial and human performance to achieve long-term success, so they, in turn, can better deliver on their mission to serve the community.


It has been quite a pleasure working with Zitra on this project. We very much appreciate the strategic thinking around potential additional markets we had not considered as well as information on competitors and market share, which we had not been able to get at all previously.

Meg Wirth, MD Global Health Fund